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Schuiten & Obolensky: Trains

Schuiten & Obolensky Trains

Schuiten & Obolensky: Trains is an exposition that was held in the Huberty & Breyne Gallery in Brussels from September 12 until October 18, 2015 1). A cartoonist, a painter, and a deep passion for everything to do with trains and railways… This exhibition brings together the two worlds of François Schuiten (the cartoonist) and Alexandre Obolensky (the painter).

For more than 22 years Alexandre Obolensky has collaborated on the projects and exhibits of François Schuiten (including Aichi, the trans‐Siberian Railway, Amiens, and the murals at Ixelles and Ottignies‐Louvain‐la‐Neuve).

François Schuiten has an abiding love for this theme and presents for us here a moving story where friendship and talent encounter each other.

This entire exhibition is based on a conversation between two companions, by way of a teaser‐exhibit inlay which brings them together with the world of railways, with TrainWorld, the TrainHostel, and many other ongoing projects.

The Huberty‐Breyne Gallery exhibited original works by François Schuiten, including silk‐screens, designs, and preliminary drawings, side‐by‐side with the monumental paintings of Alexandre Obolensky, but also – and especially – artworks which have been created by four hands. To celebrate this unique occasion, a special exhibition catalogue was published;

François Schuiten and Alexander Obolensky, friends for over 20 years, show their view on the train universe through new artwork. Paintings by fours hands, serigraphs and drawings by François Schuiten mingle with paintings by Alexander Obolensky, showing the common attraction of the railways.

Images by JeanJacques.


Schuiten and Obolensky have made three pieces together:

The three images are for sale between 10.000 and 14.000 euros.

Huberty & Breyne has several artwork from François Schuiten for selling. First the images published by Atlantic 12:

and several unpublished artwork:

Also this artwork is available for selling between 10.000 and 14.000 euros.

Also Alexandre Obolensky's artwork is for sale between 1.800 and 4.000 euros.


On September 11, 2015 the exhibition Schuiten & Obolensky: Trains was opened in Gallery Huberty & Breyne in Brussels. See also: Opening exhibition Schuiten & Obolensky: Trains.

Interview "Entrez sans frapper François Schuiten et Alexandre Obolensky"