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Content Delivery Network

Content of the website is hosted in a datacenter in Germany. To bring the best experience to its readers, make use of a content delivery network (CDN). This network has 19 points closer to the reader and these points caches the content when it is requested. The next request will then be served from the cache instead of the server in the German datacenter. Latency is reduced and speed is increasing.

The content of is cached on 19 points in Europe, USA and Asia.


The CDN points in Europe are located in Paris (France), Milan (Italy), Madrid (Spain), Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany) and Warschau (Poland).

CDN Europe of


The CDN points in the USA are located in Chicago, Dallas, Newark (New York), San Jose, Ashburn, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami and Seattle (Palo Alto). There is also a point in Toronto, Canada.



The CDN points in Asia are located in Tokyo (Japan) and the capital of Singapore.

CDN Asia of