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We need help!

The Archives of Alta Plana are made in a way everybody can contribute to make it bigger and better. In the Lighted World the system used by Alta Plana is called a wiki. In a wiki all pages can be edited by everyone without loosing the old versions. A wiki used special syntax to make layout options more easier. You can find more info about the wiki syntax on this page.

Register to start

You can register and try out the wiki syntax before you start editing the real pages in the PlayGround. We ask you to register to make sure the Alta Plana Archives are not used for spam. Registering is simple and fast. We don't need much information. Just your commitment to help this community.

Due to frequent registrations by spammers the registration option has been changed. After registration send a comment via the contact form if you want to be able to edit pages to help!

Things to do

There are still a lot of things to do. E.g.

  • All linked pages needs content. You can check Wanted pages for all pages that are linked but don't have any content.
  • All pages should like to at least one other page. Pages that have no link to another page can be found in the following Orphan pages list.
  • You can check the correct use of topics
  • You can check the statistics how often the dictionary is updated
  • Add: Portes du Possible (Les)
  • Make overview of movie work by François Schuiten at Movies
  • Make overview of Scenography work by François Schuiten at Scenography
  • Add: Souvenirs de l'Éternel Présent (new)
  • Add: Guide des Cités (Le) (2011 edition)
  • Enhance site with tags at all articles
  • Make a tag hierarchy
  • Change topics into dynamic tag lists
  • Make timeline for all dates
  • Enhance all articles with new information, especially the older albums
  • Give more info on Translations
  • Import all dossiers of to this site
  • Update the site with the lastest albums and info
  • Import all images of to this site
  • Import all topics of to this site
  • Import all dossiers of to this site
  • Import the gallery of to this site
  • Import
  • Import
  • Import images of (2008 website)
  • Import
  • Import
  • Move to
  • Move to
  • Update the site with the lastest albums and info of Théorie du Grain de Sable (La)
  • Add all videos of to the right pages in this site

Edit an article

You can edit pages by clicking on the edit button below each article (after you register and login). When you change something don't forget to save the page. If you just made a small change to the page, e.g. a spelling correction. Tick the “minor edition” button before you save.


To keep the articles structured we need some conventions:


Please use English as the language.

Page names

Make sure page names can be sorted alphabetical. Start with name, followed by dash (-), followed by sure name. E.g.


Use also an dash (-) where you need a space. e.g.


Page titles

Page titles should follow the page name convention. So start with the name, followed by a comma, followed by the surename. E.g. krantz-virginie will become Krantz, Virginie .

Don't start with The, La, La, Les but add them at the end between brackets. E.g.

Mystere d'Urbicande (Le)

Page content

After the page title you can add all the information you want. Always try to add a picture. You can make subsections with a lower header.


Try to end the page with a tag. The tag is a category what this page belongs to.


if you need more than one tag:

{{tag>Transport Invention}}