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Ombre d'un Homme (l') metal sheet

L'Ombre d'un Homme metal sheet is made for the release of the L'Ombre D'un Homme album in 1999. It is a metal sheet of 21×29,7cm printed with five colors. Signed by François Schuiten & Benoît Peeters and numbered. Original price: 2.245 Belgium Francs or 365 French Francs.

  • 300 were made for ten libraries on a yellow plate : Bulle, Kazebul, Brüsel, Sans Titre, Forbidden Zone, Multi BD, Club lumières sur les cités, Librairie d'Images, Bande Des Six Nez, Ligne Claire (each numbered 1-30)
  • 27 were made “Hors Commerce” with a brown plate (2 for each libraries + 7)
  • 2 were made “Hors Commerce” with all the stamps of libraries
  • 20 were made for Alcamer TA (on a yellow plate)
  • 11 were T.O. (on a black plate)

Front of L'Ombre d'un Homme metal sheet

Back of L'Ombre d'un Homme metal sheet