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Victor Horta Versus Art Nouveau

Victor Horta Versus Art Nouveau is an exhibition on the Horta Museum in Brussels from March 23, 2023 until January 8, 2024.

This exhibition aims to show Horta in a different light. Let's forget the questions of style and the ready-made images of this architect. Let us even try to forget for a moment about Art Nouveau, a useful but sometimes reductive label. Let's take a look at Horta without preconceived ideas and see what he tells us (and what he hides from us): The role of his wife, Pauline Heyse, and his mentors: Balat and Viollet-le-Duc; his inspiration also turned to Egypt, Greece, the 18th century. Not to mention his admiration for the Garnier Opera House and the Palais de Justice in Brussels; Horta, an eclectic architect?

François Schuiten is invited as guest artist.

Press dossier

The Horta Museum released a press dossier with more details. You can also find more drawings by François Schuiten in the dossiers.