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Event at Musée de la Marine

Benoît Peeters and François Schuiten attended an event at Le Musée de la Marine, Paris on December 11, 2016.

Schuiten and Peeters have been interviewed by Mr. Denis-Michel Boëll, the current museum director during 45 minutes. The topic was all around water (ocean, sea, river) used in the drawings nu Schuiten covering all the aspects of its work. We discovered that water was more present in his work than expected, it is true for both the books and isolated images.

The first covered topic was the diving suit by “Les frères Carmagnolle” which belongs to Le Musée de la Marine but was lent for the Machines à dessiner expo. Surprisingly Schuiten discovered himself that a similar diving suit was already drawn in Souvenirs de l'éternel présent (the lost beach at the end of the book). Then Peeters reviewed a lot images where water was present in their stories and images.

The conference was followed by a signature session.

Olivier Tissot made the following pictures during the event.