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Delémont’BD 2024

Delémont’BD 2024 is a comic festival in Delémont (Switzerland). The 10th edition will be held from 14 until 17 June 2024 1). The festive programme will feature over 50 authors from near and far. The outdoor exhibition trail, Les Jardins du dessin, will run from 7 June to 11 August 2024 2).

François Schuiten will be the Grand Trissou (guest of honour) at this 10th edition of the Festival. Schuiten will be responsible for the announcement poster of the festival.

According to Delémont’BD: “François Schuiten is creating his own universe that is both coherent and utopian. His work is inspired by the illustrators and architects of the turn of the century” 3)

The free-to-attend event will feature more than 20 comic strip and illustration exhibitions throughout Delémont's old town. The Musée jurassien d'Art et d'Histoire (Jura Museum of Art and History) is also taking part in the programme, devoting a themed exhibition to François Schuiten. 4)


Created by François Schuiten, the poster for the 10th Delémont'BD invites to reflect on the passage of time! As the guest of honour at the Jura's leading comic strip event, the Belgian cartoonist gets to grips with the workings of time. From clockwork to hourglass, François Schuiten measures time 5).

The festival's poster focuses also on heritage. Architectural heritage is in the spotlight with the monumental staircase of the Château de Delémont, whose 300 years will be celebrated in September 2024, and which opens the doors of time to us. Then there's the watchmaking heritage, whose movements allow us to measure time 6).

François Schuiten visited the streets of Delémont for inspiration for the poster.

Photo by Daniel Caccin