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How to join the Lumière sur les Cités© Fan Club

ID cart

Payment, to the amount of 2.000 Belgian Francs, must be exclusively in the form of a money order issued to the name of A.S.B.L. LUMIERE SUR LES CITES, and mailed to:

Lumière sur les Cités
136-138 Chaussée d'Ixelles
1050 Brussels

Compte CCP 000 - 0700668 – 37

Attention !!! The renewal request for those who are or have been already members involves the temporary return of the old Obscure Identity Card. It will be returned to you after having been officialy linked to the new passport. It is also indispensable to correctly fill the form above and quickly send it with 3 pictures of yourself (4 cm x 5 cm).

Payment: Payment of the membership is done exclusively through a money order to the amount of 2.000 BEF (TWO THOUSAND BELGIAN FRANCS).

The various fees and taxes outside Belgium Belgique are paid by the members. It costs 350 BEF to cash a payment in a foreign currency. We regret this inconvenience to our non-Belgian members, but the high quality of the products and services we inted to offer does not leave us any extra financial margin. We really need to get 2.000 BEF per member at the end of the line to cover our costs. If we have to support administration and exchange costs, we will fall short!

Those extra fees vary depending on the country and the current exchange rate. Here is an example for January 2000:

Currency2.000 BEF=350 BEF =Total
French Franc325.1556.90382.40 FF
Swiss Franc79.8713.9893.85 FS
Deutchmark96.9516.97113.92 DM
U.S. Dollar50.398.89$59.28

We suggest that you use the Web site to help you to calculate the total amount.

If the money you send us ends up converting into more than your due, the excess will be credited against your eventual purchases or future renewal. For those who live in countries where local fees are very high, we are planning to add a few surprises by way of compensation.

The fee is to be paid to Lumière sur les Cités © ASBL, 136-138, Chaussée d’Ixelles – 1050 Brussels – Belgium - Account CCP 000 - 0700668 – 37. Do not forget to mention “Membership 2000”, as well as your Citizen number if renewing.

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