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Urbicande tableware

The Urbicande tableware was ordered in the second month of 1995 by Eugen Robick to Jacques Weemaels, a ceramist from Belgium 1). The complete collection was destroyed during the terrible earthquake in Urbicande in 738.

For many years it was thought that nothing had been preserved until Philippe Seynaeve was able to find out in 2021 that a few examples were saved.

Below pictures are the first test of the tableware for François Schuiten, dated 6 February 1995. The final tableware is dated 14 February 1995.

In the archives of C I.II.III.IV.A Culture-Architecture (CIVA) the following concept drawings by Jacques Weemaels were found. The idea of introducing this overlay tableware with connections for all pieces was already present.

Images and video : Philippe Seynaeve.
Sound : “Journaux of Urbicande” by Aliceffekt (Beldam Records, Rusia 2014)

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