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Hostile is the name of a song by SvenSson a.k.a. Steve Axel B., made in 2004. The song is inspired by the Obscure Cities.

Steve Axel B. says about this inspiration: “The inspiration came from the simple fact that Les Cités Obscures is my favourite strip and that sometimes life on earth is so rough that one would prefer to live in this “parallel universe”? The rest is poetry and is difficult to explain. Maybe the “Mary” book, when she meets with Auguste Desombres on the gigantic round rocks where both worlds meet, is what inspired me most?

The video produced in 2014 is directed by Steve Axel B. & Gwarr Greff, featuring Steve Axel B. and Nataliya Velykanova. Music & lyrics by Steve Axel B.


Directed by Steve Axel B. & Gwarr Greff
Video Editor : Steve Axel B.
Cameraman & Director of Photography : Gwarr Greff
Featuring Steve Axel B. & Nataliya Velykanova
Video produced by FMN Video / SB7 Productions (2014)
ISRC FR0HK1400041 - All rights reserved -

Music & Lyrics written by Steve Axel B.
(adapted from Les Cités Obscures by Benoît Peeters and François Schuiten)
Music & Vocals performed & recorded by Steve Axel B.
Mixed & mastered by David Weber
Musical master produced by FMN Records / SB7 Productions (2014)
ISRC FR0HK1400130 - All rights reserved -



“Puisque ma planète est hostile
Puisqu'il existe d'autres terres
Délavées, délébiles

Puisque ma planète est peuplée
D'êtres de chair plutôt que d'encre
Mon amour, désolé
Je lève l'ancre

Je partirai demain
Vers les Cités Obscures

Samaris, Xhystos
Alaxis, Mylos

Mon enfant, ma tour
Penchée comme moi

Attends encore un peu

Ils n'ont rien compris”