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Entretiens Urbanisme en Francophonie (Les)

Les entretiens Urbanisme en Francophonie are a series on interviews conducted with a range of French-speaking personalities (writers, intellectuals, city builders, artists, etc.), explore the link between urban planning and the French-speaking world, highlighting the specific characteristics of French-speaking cities and their contribution to building the city of tomorrow 1).

Belgian cartoonist, illustrator and scenographer François Schuiten's relationship with the Francophonie is twofold: he comes from a country where both French and Flemish are spoken. French is the language in which he thinks and draws, but his roots are deeply Flemish. His culture is rooted in the French language. At the same time, he's aware that all these cities are criss-crossed by other languages, and it's this multilingualism and this anthology of languages that he loves, especially in Brussels. He doesn't like the idea of purity, but on the contrary mixity and hybridity reassures him, because in his view it's what enriches communication and the way we look at the world.