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Archi & BD

Archi & BD is an exhibition that presents the relationship between comics and architecture to the general public and comic fans. With authors such as Winsor McCay (Little Nemo), George McManus (The Illico family), Frank O. King (Gasoline Alley) and Alain Saint-Ogan (Zig and Puce), the comic strip has explored the city, since the beginning of the 20th century, fascinated by the emerging world it symbolizes.

This theme, not only about the city, but also about elements immediately associated with, it such as architecture, urban planning, design, history or politics, has become the ideal field of aesthetic descriptions and reflections on the contemporary world with writers like François Schuiten & Benoît Peeters, Enki Bilal, Moebius etc.

The exhibition will discuss, without the ambition of completeness, the representations of the city in comics.

The order is chronological, from 1900 to today with a presentation at the end of specific projects: the imaginary city of ‘Villemolle of Requins Marteaux’, the ‘Hergé’ museum, the ‘Maison de Verre’, commissioned by Jean Nouvel to authors of comics. This chronology also has side references to the metropolises: New York, Paris and Tokyo will be viewed through the prism of writers, like Will Eisner, Jack Kirby, David Mazzuchelli, Riad Sattouf (for New York); Blutch, Tardi, Dupuy-Berberian (for Paris); Jiro Taniguchi, Osamu Tezuka, Toiyo Matsumoto, Urasawa Maoke (for Tokyo). This international dimension will be emphasized by the presence of Chinese and Korean authors.

A total of 150 international writers and 350 works contribute to this exhibition, which also offers insights into the current period with cartoonists close to contemporary art like Jochen Gerner, Ilan Manouach, Dominique Goblet, Thierry Van Hasselt, Christopher Hittinger 1).