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10 songs about real utopia

10 songs about real utopia

10 songs about real utopia is the third music album of Daniel Erdmann, Samuel Rohrer, Frank Möbus and Vincent Courtois.

According to Kompakt FM: “This band is serendipity. Its spectrum is broad and it focuses on the collective, rather than the self-promoting individual. It is good news that the band has been able to continue to develop its concept logically. At times luxuriously floating, then tremendously gripping again, always alert and artful and full of musical refinement. This concept invites the listener into open spaces, which are filled in a measured and thoughtful manner.1)

The album is a mixture of Jazz, rock, pop and modern classic. It was release in October 2015 as a CD and LP.

The cover is made of the image called Troubles by François Schuiten.