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3 minutes pour comprendre 50 moments-clés de l'histoire de la BD

3 minutes pour comprendre 50 moments-clés de l'histoire de la BD is a book by Benoit Peeters, published in 2022 by Courrier Du Livre.

In this sumptuously illustrated book, discover the richness of comics and the key moments in their history. history. From the first drawings and albums to the American or Belgian golden age, from the world of manga to the graphic novel, Benoît Peeters, a renowned specialist in comics, offers us a fabulous journey through emblematic works of extraordinary geographical, thematic and stylistic diversity.

The 50 chapters of this book will introduce you to the remarkable developments of the 9th art over the last two centuries. The main styles of comics are presented: the comic genre with Rodolphe Töpffer and René Goscinny, the poetic genre with Winsor McCay and Catherine Meurisse, the intimate genre with Alison Bechdel and Fabrice Neaud, and the historical genre with albums such as Maus and Gen d'Hiroshima.

At the crossroads of narrative and graphic arts, comics are a jewel in our national and global cultural heritage. There is no doubt that it still has a bright future ahead of it!


Benoit Peeters was interviewed at FranceInfo about this book 1).

He was also interviewed by “Culture médias” for Europe 1 2).

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