Altaplana, world of Francois Schuiten and Benoit Peeters

the impossible & infinite encyclopedia of the world created by Schuiten & Peeters

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Schuiten made artwork of Les barbares

After Les Jardins statuaires, a new journey in the poetic and epic Jacques Abeille. In a world and a time undetermined, the city of Terrèbre is suddenly occupied by troops of a mysterious Prince barbarians. The population adapts as she can of the new conditions imposed on them by these horsemen from the steppes. A small university professor, linguist, is in a unique position: one to know the language spoken by the invaders, he put his knowledge to the inhabitants. One day, riders kidnap the man and transported him to the Prince. This offers the scientist to accompany it provides the ultimate journey through the world of regions. So begins a fantastic journey that will bring the country Garden statuary, in search of the legends of a world peopled by peasants, prostitutes, hunters and Amazons.