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Senate is an unique piece of work by Francois Schuiten published in 2004. In a 24x52cm cover a fold-out image of 139x51cm resides. The image is signed by François Schuiten and numbered. All texts on the left side and right side in the artwork are in Dutch, French, German and English. The right side has a short bio of François Schuiten. The left side says:

At the heart of the Palais de la Nation, there is an area full of majesty where ancient history meets history in the making. This magical place is the hemicycle of the Senate where the complex structures of thoughts are analysed. In a turbulent age, time is taken in this hall to reflect and communicate, to probe the very core of problems, the heart of developments and the extreme diversity which constitutes the richness of the Belgium society. In the shadow of the millennial tree, one if both freer and more daring, more circumspect and more demanding than under the probing searchlights of current events.

Senate by François Schuiten Senate by François Schuiten