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Peintre Masqué (Le)

Le Peintre Masqué by François Schuiten and Jean le Gac

Publication year2012 AD
Used techniqueOriginal, Mixed media on canvas
Height149,0 cm
Width205,0 cm
EditionSigned, 1 copy
CommentsFrançois Schuiten worked together with Jean Le Gac for the exposition “Quelques Instant Plus tard…” where contemporary artists worked together with a comic artist on one image 1).The painting was auctioned by Millon at December 8, 2013, but it wasn't sold 2).

Opening of the exhibition by Galerie Petits Papiers. Exhibition curator Christian Balmier. Photos of the opening by Philippe Cauvin. 3). See more photos at the AltaPlana event page of Quelques instants plus tard...

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