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BIFFF 2013

Announcement poster for the 31st edition of Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. Held in Brussels from 2 - 13th April 2013 AD.

According to the tradition Schuiten used only red as spot color with his black & white drawing.

François Schuiten is following in the food steps of many other comic artists who made the BIFFF poster, like Hergé, André Franquin, Enki Bilal, Jacques Tardi, Hugo Pratt, François Bourgeon, Philippe Delaby, Edgar-Pierre Jacobs, Didier Comès, Midam, Jean-Claude Mézières, Benoît Sokal and Grzegorz Rosinski.

During the festival the movie Mars et Avril from Martin Villeneuve had its Belgium premiere 1). François Schuiten joined Martin Villeneuve for this opening night.

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