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Events, Meet & Greets

You can meet François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters during one of the many events or meet & greets they attend. We have archived several of these events from the past years.

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img_6610.jpg2014Conférence-fiction Revoir Paris in la Bourse of BrusselsBelgiumBrusselsBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
seb_1907_1.jpg2014Exposition "Le Temps des Cités – La donation François Schuiten"BelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
10006027_557342511031259_1052993478_o.jpg2014Les jeunes auteurs de bande dessinée et leur avenir professionnelBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
10616441_10203313023979815_5626546046086823753_n.jpg2014Benoît Peeters in ShanghaiChinaShanghaiBenoît Peeters
a20141115_165233_low.jpg2014Revoir Paris at Bibliothèque Louise MichelFranceParisBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
francois_schuiten_bridges_sarajevo_photo_call_hk6_yqqa4wtl.jpg2014Bridges of Sarajevo at Cannes 2014FranceCannesFrançois Schuiten
img_6633.jpg2014Furet du Nord in LilleFranceLilleBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
1483006_10201717964624328_507939642_n.jpg20141975 - 1997 la bande dessinée fait sa révolutionFranceLanderneauBenoît Peeters
img_6590.jpg2014Librairie KléberFranceStrasbourgBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
b4lqu7liuae75dd.jpg2014Luc and François Schuiten in LyonFranceLyonFrançois Schuiten
img_20141208_205727_1.jpg2014Mers Perdues - Lecture by Jacques AbeilleFranceParisFrançois Schuiten
vernis_peeters_schuiten_01.jpg2014Opening of "Les coulisses des Cités Obscures" expositionFranceParisBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
ASCII2014Opening exhibition Revoir ParisFranceParisBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
10527302_10203913257185270_1362888184109438116_n.jpg2014Preparations of the Exhibition Revoir ParisFranceParisBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
10868015_10204129911841501_1000918198731035174_n.jpg2014Exhibition Revoir ParisFranceParisBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
10329036_10203224062155825_5969356269576319622_n.jpg2014Benoît Peeters at the Kyoto Museum of MangaJapanKyotoBenoît Peeters
10556384_10203169948243011_3839192917675833066_n.jpg2014Comic-Con International 2014United States of AmericaSan DiegoBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
1150791_277957849045923_106119249_n.jpg2014Launch party of the Leaning GirlUnited States of AmericaChicago
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