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Events, Meet & Greets

You can meet François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters during one of the many events or meet & greets they attend. We have archived several of these events from the past years.

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You can sort the following table by clicking on the items of the table header or filter by entering text in the fields below the items of the table header. You can click on the title of the event to open it.

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sokal-21317538_1453727651376328_64269539837200749_n.jpg2017Schuiten at opening exposition Claude RenardFranceParisFrançois Schuiten
conference_st_peters_sept_2017_d.jpg2017Schuiten and Peeters in Saint PetersburgRussiaSaint PetersburgBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
23622495_1987941194555686_4846990073923474962_n.jpg2017Paul Valéry. Une voix qui touche aux larmesFranceParisBenoît Peeters
bande-dessinee-sokal-et-schuiten-grands-raconteurs-d-histoires.jpg2017Ouest France with Benoît SokalFranceRennesFrançois Schuiten
16730227_1374853832565633_1065374787012417331_n.jpg2017Schuiten at opening exposition "Le Réseau Madou"BelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
14724528_10154824376616178_3364856976045453595_n.jpg2017Machines à dessinerFranceParisBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
22792504_10211736732647267_2906892636646318537_o.jpg2017Benoît Peeters visits TokyoJapanTokyoBenoît Peeters
22228589_1631768780229990_4650243305660630207_n.jpg2017Concert Dessiné live at Fibda10‬AlgeriaAlgiersFrançois Schuiten
c7n9t8gw4aei2dj.jpg2017La Boverie: Révolution bande dessinéeBelgiumLiegeBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
c8mcbsbwaaartg5.jpg2017Les Mardis de l'Espace des sciencesFranceRennesFrançois Schuiten
23843480_1355633914546273_4565857242272764400_n.jpg2017Release of first integral album at BrüselBelgiumBrusselsBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
22405863_1320320878077577_3253376014434540070_n.jpg2017Brüsel 23rd birthdayBelgiumBrusselsBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
344325.jpg2017Winsor McCay: de Little Nemo au LusitaniaFranceCherbourgBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
22554952_1323647947744870_3985838433704195322_n.jpg2017Schuiten and Sokal at BrüselBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
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