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Events, Meet & Greets

You can meet François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters during one of the many events or meet & greets they attend. We have archived several of these events from the past years.

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2020 | 2021 | 2022 |

You can sort the following table by clicking on the items of the table header or filter by entering text in the fields below the items of the table header. You can click on the title of the event to open it.

Filtered by "Year" is like "2019"

77075334_10158429824406988_8067472861486383104_o.jpg2019François Schuiten visits MeudonFranceMeudonFrançois Schuiten
72889231_3232999883406972_6760815785658023936_n.jpg2019Mondes (im)parfaitsSwitzerlandYverdon-les-BainsBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
77021132_435576880460633_2157418401276887040_o.jpg2019Benefit evening Poelaert FoundationBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
img_2152.jpeg2019Mondes (im)Partfaits - vernissageSwitzerlandYverdon-les-BainsBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
ej_p3mbxuaalhhs.jpg2019Exhibition / Sale at Galerie 9eme ArtFranceParisFrançois Schuiten
les-cites-obscures-invitation.jpg2019Manila 2019-2050: City of the Future Comics ContestPhilippinesManilaBenoît Peeters
yvesschlirf_1572618553_6.jpg2019Utopiales 2019FranceNantesFrançois Schuiten
71186904_10218721952853617_5025330882731311104_n.jpg2019François Schuiten visits Moebius exhibitionGermanyBrühlFrançois Schuiten
65864123_10214492333406918_6753678121242722304_n.jpg2019Fête de la BD 2019BelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
69988232_2607071995978513_8035859999517310976_o.jpg2019François Schuiten visits QuebecCanadaQuebecFrançois Schuiten
d89jnvvwkaibngo.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon at BordeauxFranceBordeauxFrançois Schuiten
66112774_2099343190175338_7254649909876359168_n.jpg2019François Schuiten at comic festival in UzèsFranceUzèsFrançois Schuiten
62181636_2214405225309924_8978541630272847618_n.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon at Ici Grands BoulevardsFranceParisFrançois Schuiten
65715991_2385769621711084_2371707251820855296_n.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon at Arts et Métiers, ParisFranceParisFrançois Schuiten
65822911_10218027582254786_91889407958712320_n.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon in MK2 Bibliothèque, ParisFranceParisFrançois Schuiten
d8itscsw4aa0vdj.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon at MansFranceMansFrançois Schuiten
ryun_reuchamps_1561041119.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon at BrüselBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
62315197_10217886035396203_861775717539512320_n.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon at Café Belga, FlageyBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
d9w4xpixyaqx_k8.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon at RennesFranceRennesFrançois Schuiten
d7vuty5w0aibdei.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon at Maison AutriqueBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
image032.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon at Galerie ChampakaBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
61738426_3012861535405477_467310600926527488_o.jpg201924es Rendez-Vous de la Bande Dessinée d'AmiensFranceAmiensFrançois Schuiten
61508252_10161577989480136_8072670072562253824_o.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon at Librairie FiligranesBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
61529044_10218799578200506_2874205467536523264_o.jpg2019Press day: Le Dernier Pharaon in BrusselBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
img_1421.jpg2019Benoît Peeters at 1st Coloquio internacional Ibero-anime-mangaMexicoMexico CityBenoît Peeters
61430357_447971805781068_7080224115776384159_n.jpg2019Le Dernier Pharaon at Palais de JusticeBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
ASCII2019Discovering the Palace of JusticeBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
56306634_10217406726853789_4038148261951832064_n.jpg2019Dernier Pharaon team meets for interviewsBelgiumBrusselsFrançois Schuiten
dzcyrbkwsaax2dn.jpg-large.jpeg2019Global Cities Makers ForumFranceParisFrançois Schuiten
55509679_1931865020256490_6443749608966324224_n.jpg2019Fourth integral edition at BrüselBelgiumBrussselsBenoît Peeters, François Schuiten
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