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Press day: Le Dernier Pharaon in Brussel

On May 28, 2019 publisher Dargaud held a press day for the album release of Le Dernier Pharaon. The press gathered first in the City hall of Brussels. For a question and answer session, followed by interviews.

Images by, Jean Jacques Procureur, Laurent Durieux, Maison Autrique and Dargaud.

Interview with François Schuiten by BX1 1)

Special tram

Afterwards this session a special decorated tram was revealed on the square in front of the Palace of Justice.

Laurent Durieux and the people from made some videos of the arrival of the tram.

Visit Jacobs house

Another photo opportunity at the birthplace of Edgar P. Jacobs close to the Palace of Justice where Le Dernier Pharaon largely takes place.

Visit Maison Autrique

The press day ended with a visit of Maison Autrique. In Maison Autrique an exhibition around Le Dernier Pharaon will be held until the end of 2019.