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Mondes (im)Partfaits - vernissage

The opening of the Mondes (im)Partfaits exhibition was on Saturday November 16, 2019. The museum Maison d’Ailleurs has organized an extensive program around the opening. Open to all and free of charge, this event gave the opportunity to preview the exhibition and to take part in all the activities for that special evening.

Workshops for children

During Saturday morning and afternoon Maison D'Ailleurs held workshops for children in the tent on the Pestalozzi square. The children could help to make a large artwork showing Yverdon-les-Bains and its Obscure counterpart.

Official opening of the exhibition

At 5pm the exhibition was officially opened. The exhibition was open for free during the whole evening and many people used this opportunity to take a look at the exhibition rooms.

Room 1

The first room introduces you to Utopia and Dystopia by combining the museums collection with the drawings of Schuiten and Peeters.

In the middle of the room stands a rare statue of L'enfant de Phoebus / Samouraï.

Room 2

The second room is a small room showing some artwork by Schuiten. Although most of the room is filled with antiquated objects from François Schuiten’s personal collection: planetary instrument, telerium, etc.

Also the unique De Bethune Maestri’Art DW5 Armilia is here on display.

Room 3

In the fourth room examples of Utiopia and Dystopia in literature and comics are shown.On the floor a moving network of Urbicande is shown.

Room 4

The fourth room shows several original drawings by François Schuiten. You can also listen to an interview with Benoît Peeters.

Room 5

The fifth room has three dioramas: one about Utopia in the Obscure Cities and another one Dystopia. In the middle some drawings made by Schuiten are on display. The drawings were made for a project that was never realized.

Room 6

The sixth larger room has the walls filled with drawings by Schuiten. On the end of the room the full wall is used to show a video projection by Sébastien Mettraux. In the room are many cushions to sit on while watching the video.

Room 7

The seventh room is dedicated to drawings of Revoir Paris by François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters. On the end of the room the walls are filled with images of La Théorie du Grain de Sable. The changing light on the images highlight the different whites used in the prints.

Room 8

Behind a curtain you can find the small eight room, fully lit it shows several images made for Revoir Paris.

Room 9

On the footbridge to the other building you can find 5 multimedia devices (“cinémagrammes”) designed by the HEIG-VD and inspired by five original plates by François Schuiten.

Room 10

In the other building you will find the final rooms. Besides the original drawings for the announcement poster by François Schuiten and prints he made for Paris au XXe Siecle you can find 20 reproductions on plexiglass by Thomas Crausaz, made for the series “Valais noir“ and 40 original plates by Louis Loup Collet, made for the series “Le monde de Lectol”.

Opening speeches

At 6pm a special meeting was held in the tent on the Pestalozzi Square. About 300 people gathered in the tent to listen to the speeches. Museum director Marc Atallah started the series of speeches, followed with some officials and the artists who worked on the exhibition.

Autograph session

After the speeches there was an opportunity to get the exhibition catalogue signed. A special stamp was made for the occasion. It was also possible to get the Blake and Mortimer album Le Dernier Pharaon signed by François Schuiten. Many people used this opportunity and Schuiten and Peeters signed for several hours until all people had their books signed.

Stamp used during the autograph session

Silent disco

At 8:30pm a silent disco started, ending the opening of the Mondes (im)Partfaits exhibition.