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Benoît Peeters during Derrida tour in Latin America

Benoît Peeters visited Latin America during May 2013 in his tour celebrating the release of the translations of his book on Derrida.


The tour started in Montevideo, Uruguay where he did some meetings. One at l'Alliance Française about Derrida.

and one about the Obscure Cities at the Faculty of Architecture 1).

Some more images by Andrea Sellanes, SMA:


Next stop was Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Benoît Peeters with Jorge Luis Borges and Adolfo Bioy Casares.

Meeting at the school of animation of Rosario with Eduardo Risso 2).

and a conference at l'Alliance Française of Rosario 3).


Next stop is Brazil where Benoît Peeters has a busy schedule 4).