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Le Dernier Pharaon at Galerie Champaka

On the occasion of the publication of Le Dernier Pharaon, the tribute album that François Schuiten has dedicated to Edgar P. Jacobs, Galerie Champaka presents, in a world exclusive, a show composed of artistic impressions produced with the greatest care.

The artworks

Unique highlighted artworks

François Schuiten chose five emblematic panels from his « Blake & Mortimer ». Once the image is silkscreened, the artist transforms each image with white acrylic paint into a unique and original artwork! (4 copies of each of the 5 visuals, 120 x 80 cm)

Vladimir Peeters made a short video of this process.

Museum-quality pages in a giant format

« The Last Pharaoh » is punctuated by standout sequences featuring Blake and Mortimer facing dramatic situations. Four of these museum-quality pages have been made into large-format art prints. The triumph of black-and-white in the style of François Schuiten. (4 copies of each of the 4 pages, 90 x 110 cm)

The cover art in black-and-white

For « The Last Pharaoh », François Schuiten created 4 cover images that are all graphic wonders. Each is printed in facsimile, to perfectly restore the material of paper and the work in India ink. (4 copies of each of the 4 covers, 90 x 110 cm)

The magic of the colours of the covers

The four sumptuous album covers made by François Schuiten and coloured by Laurent Durieux have been printed with pigment inks. This artistic printing technique captures all the strength of the black line and flat colours, while retaining marvellously the subtlety of the work on the materials and colours. (29 copies of each of the 4 covers, 60 x 80 cm)

Covers and Poster: The Collector’s Box

This is the first printing of the four visuals of the covers in colour housed in a special box AND supplemented by the visuals made by Schuiten and coloured by Laurent Durieux for the poster of the Festival d’Amiens and the cover of the magazine DBD dedicated to “The Last Pharaoh ». All in a majestic box. (21 copies, 61 x 81 cm)


At the start of embarking on his « Blake & Mortimer” adventure, François Schuiten inaugurated this exploration into the world of Jacobs by making 4 silkscreens with his friend Gilles Ziller, graphic designer and silkscreen printer for of the mythical Archives Internationales label. These jewels are put on sale for the first time! (50 copies of each of the 4 silkscreens, 55 x 75 cm)

The opening

On May 30, 2019 the exhibition was opened. Many people showed up and almost all artwork was sold.

Yves Declercq made the following images of this evening.