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Benoît Peeters at 1st Coloquio internacional Ibero-anime-manga

The 1st International Colloquium Ibero-anime-manga was held at June 3 and 4, 2019 at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City 1). Benoît Peeters was the guest of honor at this festival.

Benoît held two lectures:

  • La Aventura de las Ciudades obscuras
  • Escribir la narrativa gráfica / Ecrire la bande dessinée.

Dr. Miguel Rubio provided the translations between French and Spanish.

La Aventura de las Ciudades obscuras

Some images from the first lecure: La Aventura de las Ciudades obscuras.

The lectures by Benoît Peeters was recorded 2).You can watch it here. The video starts about 5 minutes into the presentation.

Escribir la narrativa gráfica

Some images from the second lecture.