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Benefit evening Poelaert Foundation

On November 30, 2019 a benefit evening was organized for the Poelaert Foundation in Autoworld, Brussels.

The aim of the Poelaert Foundation is to ensure that the destination of the Brussels Courthouse is respected in accordance with its original purpose and the view that, in the interests of the legal person, the court and all the legal services should be brought together in a coordinated fashion in one place in Brussels, in the Courthouse and in the buildings around the Poelaertplen (de Poelaert Campus) 1).

This will allow the legal representative to find a solution to all his legal difficulties and disputes in one place. The Poelaert Foundation aims for a modern infrastructure for justice on the Poelaert Campus, a renovation of the Law Courts for the purpose of justice and a transfer of all legal services that are located elsewhere to the Poelaert Campus 2).

People who donated received a digital print of Le Palais by François Schuiten. A limited edition, numbered and signed by Schuiten.

Schuiten also donated a large print of Le Dernier Pharaon, a digital print that has been altered by Schuiten to make it an unique piece. For this occasion Schuiten colored parts of the print by hand.

Photos by Atlantic 12 3) and François Schuiten 4).

During the summer Schuiten worked on this piece during his stay in Uzès 5).