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The 9 advantages of the Club Lumière sur les Cités

The members of the Club will benefit from the following privileges:

1. The New official Passport for the Millenium of the Cities

The New official Passport for the Millenium of the Cities A luxurious document that no citizen of the Cities can do without, this Pass allows to roam freely through the Administration of the Continent. With the proper official stamps and seals, this personnalized document will allow each member to benefit from many advantages, the foremost of which is the access, with its visas, to an immense planetary interactive Role Playing Game.

Caracteristics: Cover waffered and silvered in the traditional manner. Thirty-two inner pages. This document includes an updated description of the citizen member. Like most official documents on the Continent, this passport is in Obscure French.

2. A one year subscription to the New Echo des Cités

The only official magazine officiel with all the information, agendas, manifestations, classified ads, publications and studies, as well as reports on all events related to the Universe of the Obscure Cities. Every two months, journalistes, researchers, archeologists and citizens take the quill to tell us all about the Cities.

Caracteristics: Each issue of the Echo des Cités is personnalized and individually numbered. It will have sixteen Black & White pages, carefully laid out, with a wealth of columns about the Universe of the Cities plus a lot of exclusive information, as well as interviews with the authors seen nowhere else. While the Old Echo was published in five languages, the difficulties of contacting the Other World have forced us to limit this new edition to French for the moment.

3. The Official Citizenship Certificate

This diploma-like document, enhanced with a gilted border and a golden stamp, bears an authentic wax seal and is issued to each Citizen listed in the Golden Book of the Cities.

Caracteristics: Of A5 format, this document is made according to the handpress technique of the Cities. With the unavoidable official stamps, it is a document to be hung in the residence of each Citizen, in a specific spot that will be secretly communicated to all members.

4. The Internaut Citizen Access Card

This is an individually coded card, that will give access to a vast Role Playing Game and an interactive rallye that will begin in September 2000, to end at the Next Millenium.

Caracteristics: A business card-sized metallic plaque, numbered and indestructible.

5. The privileges of the Citizen

Thanks to the «Obscure Points», designated under the letters P.O.T., points obtained through certain participations or acquisitions and preciously kept, each Citizen can obtain exclusive numbered documents, unavailable anywhere else.

6. The Collectors' Exchange

Access is free, and limited exclusively to the members. Those classified ads in l’Echo des Cités are available in each issue, up to a maximum of two ads per member.

7. V.I.P. Invitations

Each member will receive priority information regarding the possibility of admission to events linked to the Obscure Cities, and will get, subject to availability, first choice regarding admission.

8. The Contests

In each issue of l’Echo des Cités, the Redaction Team will organise, exclusively for its members, a knowledge contest with exclusive prizes reserved for the participants.

9. The «Lumière sur les Cités ©» Web Site

An unavoidable Passage Point and a permanent link with the internauts and other members, this site will soon be feed by information straight from the main sources of the Interactive Continent.

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