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Lumière sur les Cités Journal

First issue

The Lumière sur les Cités Journal is, with a doubt, the most epic periodical edited on the Obscure Continent. A proud descendant of the Echo des Cités, it has crossed the turmoil and events of the Cities, it has survived all the influence struggles and kept its independance and journalistic freedom. Present during all the grand happenings, the Redaction Team has remained a witness - if sometimes a blind and passive one - of many tragedies and a lot of administrative nitpicking. The Redaction Team, a relay for its faithful readers, has often been the panting spectator of the gigantic drama unfolding in front of its eyes. We mean more specifically the savage orgies of architectural destruction caused by unthinking rulers. Sometimes unable to properly document ourselves at the time, we are today delighted to be able to dig into archives that we had previously thought forever lost and forgotten.

Be certain that the Redaction Team has for ambition to always eagerly search all the information that can help us, if not to follow all events, at least to understand them. Lumière sur les Cités will fill that lack. Luxuriously presented, reasonably priced, our magazine will produce a Chromo-Robick album of the highest quality and relevance. It will be a repository of documents unique in history. We will daily record, through the Art of classical engraving, all the remarkable facts that will happen in the World of the Obscure Cities. Replicated by the most sophisticated system of our time, these sensational and very rare documents will be commented by first rate writers.

In this winter's end period, Lumière sur les Cités comes to you like a faithful friend to take a place in your home. It will nicely fill those long evenings that none of the usual sort of entertainment seems to shorten at the moment.

Lumière sur les Cités will do for you what each of us would like to do without being able to: it will be everywhere there will be sensational events, and its reporters, illustrators, photographers and archivists are already in the field, often risking life and limbs, to bring you views and notes of interest and absolute truth. And we do hope that this great work will receive the reception that it will try to deserve.

Lumière sur les Cités will regularly publish: anoted photographs covering obscure events; current news drawings; maps and plans; synoptic charts; statistics and graphs; essays and archive documents; tales; geographic and ethnographic vignettes; notes and general information on regions of the Cities; as well as historical nostalgia related to current news.

Send us pictures, documents, drawings. If they are of interest, they will be published. Ask us questions. We will promptly answer them. CBe one of our collaborators. All suggestions will be closely examined.

Summary of the first issue. Translation of the French titles - the actual newspaper in not yet published in other languages.

  • 1. General Editorial
  • 2. The Echo of the Passage Points
  • 3. The Passage Letter of Benoît Peeters
  • 4. The Nostalgia of the Cities Column
  • 5. The New Projects (Hanover) Column
  • 6. The Obscure Links Column
  • 7. The P. & F. Transportation Column
  • 8. The Boutique of De Vrouw
  • 9. The Cities' Exchange (classified ads)
  • 10. Info of the Cities
  • 11. Echo of the Mail
  • 12. The Archives Column
  • 13. The Chromo Robick – Wappendorff's Researches
  • 14. Excerpt from the Dictionary of the Cities
  • 15. A City at a Glance
  • 16. Frozen Image (exclusive from François Schuiten)

Other issues

  • September 2000 - Special issue about Le Dernier Plan (Read)
  • February 2001 - Number 2 (Read)
  • February 2001 - Second special issue (Read)

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