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François Schuiten has designed several labels for wine bottles.

Domaine de calvani

A special sparkling red wine, Bouvet Laduhay. Made in 1991 for the exhibition Musée Des Ombres in Brussels.

Malvoisie de Sierre, cuvée Rimbaud

By Maurice Zufferey in 1991.

BD Club Geneve

François Schuiten made a label for a bottle of Chardonnay in 1994 for fifth anniversary of BD Club Geneva. The bottle on the image is numbered 90. The bottle was made with a matching glass. The bottle was sold in 2016 for 150 euros 1).

Las Puertas

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chili from 2004. A bottle was sold on Ebay in 2017 for 25 euros.

This label was designed by François Schuiten, on the occasion of a Delhaize action linked to Belgium's 175th anniversary.

Grain noir

Pinot Noir from 2005.

Mondes (im)Parfait

During the exhibition Mondes (im)parfaits at Maison d’Ailleurs in 2019 - 2020 a special wine was for sale with a black and white and a colored label.


  • Cuvée de la Grande Ourse, Seilles, 1997
  • Bourgogne Hautes Côtes de Nuits, 1984
  • Malvoisie “La perrache”, 1986
  • Dôle de Sierre, Maurice Zufferey, 1987

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