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Train Hostel

Train Hostel is a hostel in Brussels. You can take an overnight journey to the land of dreams, surrounded by striking unique architecture, integrating authentic sleeper carriages that were still travelling the European routes just a few years ago .

The wonderful industrial décor of Belgium’s railway past, together with incomparable drawings by the internationally renowned artist François Schuiten conspire to draw the traveller into a unique universe. You’ll find your own tracks on this in mystery journey – cultural, entertaining and authentic 1).

Think of meeting strangers on a train – or ships that pass in the night … In Train Hostel, guests will not only meet other travellers, but they can also swap experiences and books in our “Take one, Leave one” library, new culinary experiences and savours with “Cook & Share” and an Expo Space for young artists 2).

Adjacent to Train World Museum, one of Europe newest train museums, and close to Brussels’ historic, touristic and professional centres, Train Hostel offers ideal accommodation for tourists, railway enthusiasts or just travellers, alone, in groups or as a family, with a total of 200 beds in both rooms and railway carriages 3).

Nicolas Kervyns and François Schuiten met many years ago when the plans for a new train museum were announced.They discussed the idea of a train hostel, where people would meet and talk. Unlike many hotels that are impersonal and unfriendly 4).

Over time they became friends and still they meet regularly to discuss ideas to enhance the hostel. Footsteps of Schuiten's dog on the new concrete of the hotel hallway inspired François Schuiten to make a drawing in the concrete of the hostel. One important notice is that this gateway piece of Schuiten is hidden: only the thoroughest visitor will find it.

If you can not find it, we have an image of it below.

The signature of François Schuiten in concrete


6, AV. Georges Rodenbach
1030 Brussels - Belgium
+32 2 808 61 76