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Tout le Baz'Art

Tout le Baz'Art is art program of RTBF 1). François Schuiten was the topic of the episode in November 2018.

“It's an open secret, François Schuiten, the author of the cult comic series Les Cités Obscures, is preparing an album of Blake and Mortimer, in tribute to Edgard P. Jacobs and at the Brussels Courthouse, where he made an appointment with Hadja Lahbib and the writers of this album: Jaco Van Dormael and Thomas Gunzig. For Hadja he then raises a corner of the veil on the new pages with his colorist Laurent Durieux.

The Palace of Justice plays a crucial role in this new adventure of the British detectives, but also the Basilica of Koekelberg. François takes Hadja to visit it with the architect Jos van den Breeden. At home, facing his drawing table, he becomes a great child with the virtuous cabinetmaker Karl Theiss who creates with him 3D objects drawn straight from his imagination.”

End of September 2018 the crew visited the studio of Laurent Durieux for an interview with Laurent and François Schuiten.

David Merveille 2) made the following photos of this visit.

Program maker Hadja Lahbib tweeted a few pictures of François Schuiten at the Justice Palace and the Koekelberg Basilica 3).

The episode was aired on Arte Belgique on November 4, 2018 and on La Une on November 8, 2018 4).

Some shots from the documentary.