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Strip Gids Turnhout

The Strip Gids is a Dutch comic magazine. It is made at the request of the Library Vrieselhof in Antwerp by Strip Turnhout. The magazine is published for free five times per year. You can find the magazine in all libraries of Antwerp and most comic book stores in that region.

See also: Website of Strip Gids Turnhout.

An interview with François Schuiten was published in Strip Gids number 30. This issue was published in June 2012 AD. The interview is mainly about the release of La Douce. François tells about its origin, the corporation with Jaco van Dormael and time it took to make the album. Time that usually is not available to comic artists.

You can download the Dutch article: Verliefd op een stoomlocomotief (In love with a steam loc)

The cover of this issue is made by François Schuiten. Inside you find an interview with Benoît Peeters. This issue was published in October 2012 AD.