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Piquet, Robert

Robert Piquet (1898 - 1953) is the head of the trends section of L'Echo des Cités. He was born in Yverdon-Les-Bains and designed dresses for all Parisian celebreties and established Dior and Givenchy. His article about the retrofuturist look can be found in the special edition of L'Echo des Cités for the Mondes (im)parfaits exhibition.

In the retrofuturist look women of Yverdon-les-Ombres changed from miniskirts to crinolines and petticoats using a new haute-couture collection signed Schuiten.

He points out that the cover of the utopian novel “L'autre Moitie De L'homme” by Joanna Russ resembles the mural La Tour Infinie by François Schuiten.