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OVP - Oscillation Vibration Pulsation

The OVP project is the result of several years of research in the field of sound. Joachim Garraud has been collecting, sculpting and triturating sounds for years. These sounds alone take up the whole space and take on their fullness in this suite of 39 minutes and 39 seconds.

OVP uses sounds tuned to a frequency of 432 hertz for better coherence with the liquids that make up 60% of the human body and mainly the cranial cavity. OVP is ideally listened to without interruption.

The oscillations, vibrations and pulsations gathered in the first chapter come from work started in the late 1980s and present a range of raw sounds flirting with extremes.

The second part, produced between 2019 and 2021 with the help of Maxime Garraud, is more peaceful and leaves room for harmony and melancholy.

The OVP object is a door to the imagination, an invitation to travel which, thanks to François Schuiten's illustrations, combines image and sound and leaves you the space to build your own universe.

The collectors edition of this album contains two Lps and a booklet with images by François Schuiten 1).