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Obolensky, Alexandre

Alexandre Obolensky (Brussels, 28 juli 1952 - March 2018). After his art study, early 70's, at the Saint-Luc academy he starts working in 1978 at the la Monnaie. He learns the craft of set painter and works mainly with Thierry Bosquet.

In 1982 he established himself as an independent and works from there for several theaters, ballet groups and opera houses in Belgium:Monnaie, Opéra de Wallonie, Vlaamse Opéra, Ballais Béjart, Ballais des Flandres, Ballais de Wallonie, Varia, Théâtre de l'Ancre, Rideau de Bruxelles, Atelier St. Anne, Parc, Claude Volter, NTB, CDH, le Public, Balsamine.

Since 1986 he also works for various theaters and ballet groups abroad. Opéra du nord, Théâtre du nombre d'or, Geneva's Grand Théâtre, Coven Garden, Printemps des Arts, Conservatoire de Paris, Paris Opera, Los Angeles and Ballet Pina Bosh.

He also works for the big summer festivals, among other Vaison-la-Romaine, Aix-en-Provence and Innsbruck.

Alexandre Obolensky worked on several occasions with François Schuiten:

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