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Mettraux, Sébastien

Copyright: 24 Heures

Sébastien Mettraux was born in 1984 in Vallorbe; he obtained a degree in visual arts from the ECAL, a Master’s degree at the HEPL and another at the HEAD – Geneva. This versatile contemporary artist – painting, sculpture, engraving, photography – is certainly one of the most talented Vaudois artists, having received numerous awards, notably that of La Chaux-de-Fonds Biennale of Contemporary Art, the Leenards cultural grant and the Swiss Arts Award.

In 2019 he designed for the exhibition Mondes (im)parfaits an animated work that has the origin of the city of Calvani. This poetic and metaphorical work mixes the vegetable universe, mechanics and urban planning in a perpetual slide.

The Projection of his work enters dialogue with the original boards of schuiten and immersed the spectator at the heart of the dichotomy between utopia and dystopia.


The 3D animation made by Sébastien Mettraux.

Some captures from the animation.

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