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Memory Reloaded

Memory Reloaded is a 20min Short Sci-Fi Film by Panos Pappas and Despina Charalampous. The movie is released in 2013 AD. The movie received several rewards on film festivals worldwide 1).

A 90 minutes feature film project of Memory Reloaded is still in progress 2).

François Schuiten has made the concept design 3).


In the Dome of World Archives the human knowledge is stored in the memory of gifted people, narrated to each other from generation to generation. Nichmon is ready to forget, Lara is eager to remember. How can they stay together? 4)

In a remote world, where the memory of the gifted people has replaced the memory of the computers, Nichmon and Lara meet by chance and their lives connect for ever. They both inhabit the “Trans World Archives”, a city-building with many small hexagonal rooms, long narrow corridors, voices and whispers all around; actually it’s the only place they know for sure that exists. Nichmon’s grandfather, a distinguished Red, is dying; young Lara, as his replacement, listens and memorizes all top-secret military data from the old man’s pre-mortem regulated delirium. For Lara this is a big opportunity to rise up in society. Nichmon, on the contrary wants to leave; the only exit is on the building’s terrace, where few people wait for the helicopter to come. The price they have to pay is oblivion, a pharmaceutical amnesia, obligatory for those who want to pass in the transit area 5).

Creative team

Panos Pappas, director
Despina Charalampous, director

Screenplay by Despina Charalampous
Produced by Nikos Moustakas

Director of Photography, Ioan Meltzer
Concept Design, François Schuiten
Visual Effects Supervisor, Alex Friderici
Set and Costume Designer, Dimitra Panagiotopoulou
Music by Manolis Galiatsos
Sound Designer and Mixer, Ioannis Giannakopoulos
Sound Engineer, Kostas Kolokathis
Production Manager, Nancy Kololaki

Storyboard Memory ReloadedStoryboard Memory Reloaded


Nichmon Antikatabe IIMartin Behrman
Lara LabithKate Malyon
Grandfather - Nichmon Antikatabe IDavid Allan
Uncle KralTheodossis Pelegrinis
Administrators in WhiteDuncan Skinner & Steve Revel
Loading AssistantIan Douglas Robertson
Man in YellowStavros Volkos
Council ChairmanTheodossis Zannis
GuardAchilles Vatrikas
Council WomenRania Tzifopoulou, Mara Verykokou & Maria Ohilebo
Council MenSunny Ohilebo & Konstantinos Kyriakakis
Man in WhiteGeorge Yianopoulos
AnnouncerMaria Laina
BabyJohn Yianopoulos
Boy in RedVagelis Stamatellos


Alexandra Verykokou • Vagelis Paliatsis • Nikos Douris
Gerasimos Ioannou • Lioubi Karageorgou • Nikos Pelekanos
Kiriaki Ypsilanti • Giorgos Kolyras • Akis Gavrilis • Irini Galanou
Alexandra Predari • Marinos Georgiopoulos • Vasilis Samprakos
Dora Dimitriou • Thanasis Petropoulos • Thodoris Popeskou
Romanos Siatitsas • Ernesto Voutsinos • Lydia Chroni • Sotiris Bakolas

Concept Design

The concept design was done by François Schuiten. François mentioned the movie in a short interview in Amsterdam 6).


The trailer of Memory Reloaded.

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