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Type 12 object (La)

In October 2015, Atlantic 12 showed a prototype of an Type 12 object. The object is a concept by Karl Theiss & François Schuiten. The statue will be finished before BRAFA 2016, which will take place in Tour & Taxis in Brussels from 23 to 31 January 2016. You can see the statue during BRAFA 2016 at the stand of Gallery Huberty & Breyne.

Karl Theiss and François Schuiten have worked together on several occasions:

Atlantic 12 has release two versions of the statue. A version made of resin and one of bronze. Below you see the prototype.

Type 12 prototype object by François Schuiten

Resin edition

The resin statue is made by Robert Bakowski. Below a next phase in black.

Type 12 resin object by François Schuiten

and the final version.

Type 12 resin object by François Schuiten

The statue is 23cm x 10,5cm x 43cm (HxWxL) and 36 copies were made. All copies are signed by Schuiten and Theiss. The resin version was sold for 1.600 euro 1).

François Schuiten made several sketches of the design of the object.

Bronze edition

There will be also a bronze version by Gilles Francart.

Type 12 bronze object by François Schuiten

Type 12 bronze object by François Schuiten

In September 2016, Atlantic 12 showed images of the bronze edition with its beautiful casing.