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Maison du Lys de France (La)

La Maison du Lys de France is a book with a short story by Gérard Manset with new illustrations by François Schuiten. The book is published in 2017 by Les Cent Une, a female bibliophile society 1) and its 125 copies edition is strictly reserved to the 101 members of this society and its collaborators.

In an interview with Philosophie magazine (April 2016) Gérard Manset mentions this book:

Your motto ?

“I made one for myself because one day I made my coat of arms, my blazon. I even described it in one of my short stories, which hasn't come out yet, called La Maison du Lys de France (The House of the French Lily), the story of a little boy who disappears into stories of horseback riding linked to royalty. At the end he describes his own coat of arms, so that was mine. I didn't draw it, but I think it would have the Virgin in the motto, something like 'Virgin is my soul', which just came to me out of the blue. Yes, it wouldn't be: “Father, keep to the right! Father, keep to the left! ” 2).

Edition 2024

In February 2024 it ws announced that the book by Gérard Manset will be published in a new edition.