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Atelier de François Schuiten (L')

François Schuiten © Radio France - 2014 / Vincent Josse L'Atelier de François Schuiten is an episode from the radio program L'Atelier by Vincent Josse on France Inter 1). The episode of March 23, 2014 was dedicated to François Schuiten.

The designer François Schuiten created with author Benoît Peeters an exciting series: “the obscure cities”. Stories that take place in cities that are recognized but in which they add all kinds of futuristic inventions.

Schuiten also designed sets for theater and cinema. He is an inventive and eclectic character, he now prepares a train museum in Brussels. Vincent Josse met with him in his attic.

François Schuiten © Radio France - 2014 / Vincent Josse

Music played during the show

  • Polonaise de UMEBAYSHI SHIGER (BOF de 2046)
  • 2046 main them (rumba version) de UMEBAYSHI SHIGERU (BOF de 2046)
  • Too many kids finding rain in the dust de NICOLAS JAAR
  • Fireflies de CHRIS GARNEAU
  • Desert eagle de RATATAT
  • Death and maiden de FRANZ SCHUBERT par Murcof et Iko

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