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Invitation au voyage

Invitation au voyage is a journey of discovery by Linda Lorin of our artistic, cultural and natural heritage. Brussels imagined in comics by François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters 1).

Belgian comic strip artist François Schuiten and his scriptwriter Benoît Peeters have been re-constructing Brussels, a ramshackle city where the worst urban planning visions rub shoulders with architectural gems. For over forty years and a dozen or so albums, they have been building a world of their own, populated by ideal or nightmarish cities: Les cités obscures. It's a dystopian work infused with the turbulent history of the city where they grew up: Brussels. The book has become a cult classic, selling over a million copies in France and being translated into fifteen languages 2).

This episode was aired on Arte at March 28, 2024.