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Fondation Erasme (la)

La Fondation Erasme is an organization funding medical research. La Fondation Erasme has asked several artists in 2015 to customize a “Le Chat” statue by Philippe Geluck. 14 artists accepted the challenge including Soulages, Lagerfeld, Borremans and François Schuiten.

The statue given to the artists are 51 x 44 x 60 cm. The final statues ares signed by Philippe Geluck and the artist. These unique 1/1 statues will be auctioned by Christie's. The reserved price is 3.000 euros 1).

The images below made by François Schuiten show « Le Chat au Journal » with the customization by Schuiten. This statue can be viewed at Christie's in Paris from March 11, 2015 2).

Le Chat customization by François Schuiten

Le Chat customization by François Schuiten

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