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Butor, Michel

Michel Butor is a french writer born in 1926 AD. Michel Butor is author of several interesting articles on science fiction. Most notably those lines, written in 1953 AD:

[…] “Let us now imagine that a number of authors, instead of describing at random and very quickly more or less interchangeable towns, started to use as setting for their stories a single city, named, precisely located in space and in the future; and that each would take into account the descriptions given by the others before introducing his own new ideas. This city would then become a public domain item in the same way an actual ancient city does; bit by bit, all the readers would use its name for the city of their dreams and would shape it to match.” […]


[…] “Soon, all authors would be forced to take this predicted city into account, readers would organise their actions according to its coming existence, at the very limit they would feel compelled to build it.”