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Boilet, Frédéric

Frédéric Boilet is a French cartoonist and manga artist. His encounter with Benoît Peeters in 1990 AD turned his work toward semi-autobiographical stories tinged with humour : Love Hotel (1993 AD), Tôkyô est mon jardin (1997 AD) and Demi-Tour (1997 AD) 1).

Frédéric Boilet lived in Japan where Tôkyô est mon jardin, meaning “Tokyo is my garden,” was translated in 1998 AD and Demi-tour the following year.2) He started doing work for manga magazines in the late nineties, and was a rare example of a western comics artist having some degree of success in the Japanese market 3).

In 2008 AD he returned to France where he runs the print shop Imagerie Epinal.

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