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Plagiat! is a comicbook drawan by Alain Goffin, based on a scenario by François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters. The album was published in 1989. A complete remastered edition was published in 2023.

Chris Van Meer is the most fashionable painter of the new wave. His eccentricity captivates as much as his paintings, and his exhibitions attract many fans. The critics swear by him, but he is passionate about his work. With his new paintings, he thinks he has reached the peak of his art.

But everything collapses when two burglars break into his villa! A few weeks later, just before Chris Van Meer is due to unveil his paintings, a new artist, as brilliant as he is mysterious, presents some dazzling compositions.

For Chris, there is no doubt: he is the victim of plagiarism! Overcome with anger, he destroys his own paintings, before deciding to file a complaint. How to fight an unknown artist? How to prove plagiarism?

Obsessed with the idea of finding the culprit, Chris begins a descent into hell, rejected by those who adulated him, sinking his fortune in a fight that seems lost in advance.

Some example pages from the album. The first two images are from the original edition. The other images are from the enhanced 2023 edition.

New edition

In May 2022 it was announced that éditions Anspach will publish a new edition in 2023. It will be a complete remastering: drawings, colours, typos and layout. Alain Goffin and François Schuiten signed the contract papers.

This new edition (ISBN 9782931105153) will be published on April 7, 2023 by Edition Anspach.

François Schuiten has made the sketch of the design of the cover.