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Machinistes (Les)

Les Machinistes is a description of Mylos' Gwendoline Quarter, by François Schuiten and Claude Renard.

Initially there was an order made by Just Jaeckin, the filmmaker of “Emmanuelle”, who wanted to make a film adaptation of Gwendoline, a “bondage” comic by John Willie. The project was not really about making a “bondage” movie (with women bound and whipped), but rather to create a fantastic film, a little erotic, happening in a forbidden city, full of adventure and new visions. For this idea Schuiten and Renard drew about sixty images and sketches that showed a cold mechanical city populated with fragile female silhouettes. But their work was finally little used. The film Gwendoline was shot in 1984 and it is basically a rather ordinary erotic film.

The book introduction is by Jean Luc Fromental who collected the images and converted it to a book with the help of Thierry Smolderen. This book is about a movie that is never made.


  • 1984 French edition by Humanoïdes Associés
  • 1985 Dutch edition by Arboris

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