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Dernier Pharaon (le)

Cover of the standard edition. © Schuiten / éditions Blake et Mortimer

Le dernier Pharaon (the last Pharaoh) is the title of the Blake and Mortimer album designed by François Schuiten and co-written with Thomas Gunzig and Jaco Van Dormael. The album is coloured by Laurent Durieux.

The album is released as the 11th album in the “Autour de Blake et Mortimer” series. The release date of Le dernier Pharaon is May 29, 2019. The French and Dutch versions are released at the same time.

The making of this album took over three years. You can find a dossier on this at Blake and Mortimer by François Schuiten.


On May 28, 1952 in the journal Tintin, Professor Mortimer left Horus' room struck by amnesia. Sheik Abdel Razek had erased from his memory any memory of the discovery of the treasures of Pharaoh Akhenaten hidden in this secret chamber under the Great Pyramid of Cheops. From this adventure there remained only an enigmatic ring on Mortimer's finger. Abdel Razek did not give him the key. Sixty-seven years later, François Schuiten, Jaco Van Dormael, Thomas Gunzig and Laurent Durieux will help an aging Mortimer, quarreled with Captain Blake, to discover the secret of the ring.

The 80s. Professor Mortimers nightmares begin the day he studies strange radiation escaping from the Brussels Courthouse: a powerful magnetic field causes aurora borealis, breakdowns in electronic circuits and terrible nightmares among those exposed to it. The city is immediately evacuated by the army and surrounded by a high wall.

Mortimer has been living a gloomy retreat in London since then and Blake has risen in the ranks of the army where he holds important positions. With time, the two friends of yesterday are hardly seen any more. Until the day Blake comes to Mortimer. In the forbidden zone, despite the confinement of the building in a Faraday cage, the radiation suddenly resumed, threatening to erase the contents of all the computers on earth, including the data of the banks and the stock exchange.

To overcome the radiation, the army has designed a plan that jeopardises the future of the world. For Blake and Mortimer, despite their old quarrels, in spite of their age, it will be a question of starting again on the adventure, towards an abandoned Brussels to try again to save the world. And realize that the forbidden zone is not so abandoned as expected.

What they find there is connected with their past adventure, that which had led them in their youth, to the mysteries of the Great Pyramid.

Cover of the bibliophile edition. © Schuiten / éditions Blake et Mortimer

Some example pages of Le Dernier Pharaon:

Announcement videos

Dargaud launched the following announcement video a day before the release of the album.

Also an alternative version was made:

Interview with François Schuiten

François Schuiten gave an interview to Laurence Froidevaux for Vertigo of Swiss RTS radio 1).

Editions / translations

2019Le Dernier PharaonFrenchLes Éditions Blake et Mortimer92HC9782870972809First edition: 250.000 copies
2019Le Dernier PharaonFrenchLes Éditions Blake et Mortimer176HC9782870972830Special edition limited to 8.000 copies. Its size will be oblong/italian/“half size” ​with half of the original page per page
2019Le Dernier PharaonFrenchCanalBD92HC9782870972861Édition Collector CANAL BD. Limited edition of 2000 copies. Exclusive CanalBD cover. Frontispiece signed by François Schuiten on 25% recycled paper Conqueror laid 300g - sewn in the book, after the guards. CanalBD logo on the back cover and colophon on frontispiece.
2019Le Dernier PharaonFrenchBDnet92HC9910000071713Special edition by Bdnet. Including a signed postal stamp. Limited to 300 copies.
2019De Laatste FaraoDutchBlake en Mortimer92SC9789067370912First edition 31.000 copies.
2019De Laatste FaraoDutchBlake en Mortimer176HC9789067370929Special edition limited to 1.000 copies. Oblong/half size format. This edition was already sold out during presales 2)
2019F.Schuiten - Le Dernier PharaonFrenchLes Éditions Blake et Mortimer32HCn/aCarnet with the making of le Dernier Pharaon. See: Carnet F. Schuiten - Le dernier Pharaon
2019Blake & Mortimer Spezial 1: Der letzte PharaoGermanCarlsen Verlag80HC9783551740854Announced for October 29, 2019
2019Le Dernier PharaonFrenchLes Éditions Blake et Mortimern/an/a9782870972861A bibliophile edition with black & white pages and many other additions. Announced for end of 2019
Limited edition by CanalBD
Limited edition by BDnet Nation
Cover of the special edition. © Schuiten / éditions Blake et Mortimer

See also

According to projections about 2.500 copies were ordered during presales. And although the intention of the publisher has always been to publish a limited edition, it was also not possible to print more. The print run took almost 3 weeks at the Italian printer LEGO. Both editions were printed on a special printing line together with the French edition (see: