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Dernier Plan (Le)

Le Dernier Plan can be related to a movie by Benoît Peeters or a fresco by Augustin Desombres.


Le Dernier Plan is full length film (90 min), 35 mm colour directed by Benoît Peeters, and in which François Schuiten is an actor. The movie, subtitled in English, has been part of a strange auction in Los Angeles, on March 3, 2000. It was also at the festivals of Locarno, Cairo, Cottbus, and Brussels.


The story of a man who wanted to forget his life and to whom another man comes to recount it…

Virgil, a young Rumanian film maker, arrives in Paris with his little camera. He has come to follow the trail left by his fellow countryman, the famous writer Constantin Dolinescu, who, after numerous books and several years in prison, has exiled himself in France with the idea of making a film. But this project had turned into a fiasco ; the script was revised endlessly, one producer replaced another, and Dolinescu himself, incapable of directing the actors, completely fell apart.

Virgil uncovers all these escapades little by little, via interviews with the Parisian intelligentsia: Pierre Arditi, Erik Orsenna, Jean-Michel Jarre, all of whom were involved in the affair. But as to the fate of Dolinescu, nobody can - or will - say anything. And Virgil adds a strange sort of fervour to the quest - implying strongly personal reasons for his actions.

It is finally Sonia, the leading lady of the unfinished film, who enables him to track down the writer. But from then on, the search and its filming are revealed as nothing more than pretexts, obscuring family dramas, complex romantic attachments, not to mention several broken lives. Virgil, having come to make a film about someone else, has succeeded in telling his own story.


Virgil IancuFlorin Piersic Jr
Sonia Delange / VeraManuela Servais
Constantin DolinescuMihai Dinvale
LudovicPierre Arditi
TomaConstantin Florescu
ZamiatineBernard Marbaix
Judith MarchalValérie Van Nitsen
Jean DumaurierJean-Michel Vovk
PavelBernard Graczyk
Virgil (as a child)Antoine Berger
Claude RulisseRobert Bodson
and as themselvesPierre Arditi, Jean-Michel Jarre, Pierre Assouline, François Schuiten, Erik Orsenna, Pierre Drouot, Bernard Pivot & Paul Germain


original ideaFrançois Schuiten & Benoît Peeters
screenplayBenoît Peeters, Sandrine Willems & Pierre Drouot
directorBenoît Peeters
photographyElla van den Hove
soundJean-Jacques Quinet
set decorationAndré Fonsny
editingSusana Rossberg
original music scoreIvan Georgiev
production managerJacqueline Louis
assisted byPatricia Kilesse
producerLes Piérides (Brussels)
withLe Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel, de la Communauté française de Belgique, la Loterie Nationale & les télédistributeurs wallons

Complete movie

Thanks to Benoît Peeters we can show you the complete movie.

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Le Dernier Plan (The Last Shot, in the cinematographic sense) is a fresco by Desombres, done in 1903 AD on the theme of movies, which were then at their very beginning 1).

Although the Obscure people have a notion of cinematography which is quite different from ours, it may somehow be linked to the Fixorama.

See also: Dernier Plan (Le) (Original) and Cité des Ombres