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Things to look forward to

Festival Villes & Toiles

François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters will join the Festival Villes & Toiles on September 23rd, 2016. You can meet both authors at 20hrs at 3, Rue Anatole France, 91220 Brérigny-sur-Orge. Together with the meeting two movies will be shown: Aux Frontières de l'image and Le Dossier B.

Revoir Paris #2

Revoir Paris #2 will be published on October 26, 2016. Comic shop Brüsel will publish a cover for the both albums, a bookplate and an exclusive ex-libris.

Reddition 65 presents Schuiten

The German comic magazine Reddition will feature a dossier about François Schuiten. The dossier will be part of issue 65 that will be published in December 2016. It will be the second time Reddition will publish a dossier about Schuiten. The first one was published in 1998.

Bretagne Express

From October 20, 2016 until August 27, 2017 the Musée de Bretagne will hold an exhibition called Bretagne Express. François Schuiten and Laurent Durieux made the announcement poster. You can see some preliminary work at